Our Mission

Perpetuel SecoursMission Statement:

Hands of Mary for Haiti is an association formed to offer hope and assistance to the people of Notre Dame du Perpetuel Secours parish in Fragneau-Ville, Haiti, as they struggle to overcome the devastating effects of the earthquake of January 12, 2010. Our goal is to be missionaries of hope and healing to the people of the parish.  Growing in faith and love, so that we may all increase in holiness.

Letter of Welcome

Dear Friends,

Welcome to Hands of Mary for Haiti! As our president, I welcome you to our website and invite you to learn more about our work for the people of Haiti. Hands of Mary for Haiti is a charitable organization deeply rooted in the Catholic faith and it is with that faith that we work at being a beacon of hope for Haiti.

Hands of Mary for Haiti started at St. Patrick’s R.C. Church in Milford, P.A. St. Patrick himself was a missionary to the Irish people and brought them faith and hope through the love of Jesus Christ. Likewise, Hands of Mary for Haiti, having Irish missionary roots, seeks to bring the light of Christ Jesus to burn with great power over the island nation of Haiti.

Our mission is to assist the people of Notre Dame du Perpetuel Secours in Fragneau-ville, Port-au-Prince, Haiti. In helping these people, we aid tens of thousands, men, women and children, in this suburb of Haiti’s capitol city. After the devastating earthquake of January 12, 2010 our organization partnered with their pastor, Fr. Jean-Jacque Frederic, to: rebuild their parish, aid the people living in their tent city, provide for their children’s educational needs, offer medical clinics, and to foster the spiritual life of their people.

To date we have sent tens of thousands of dollars (U.S.) to them, which I am happy to report has played a small role in restoring this parish community to a state that is better than their pre-earthquake conditions. The work of rebuilding the physical plant of their parish has arrived at the point that Fr. Frederic now plans on building a wonderful new church building to replace the current outdoor, open-to-the-elements chapel that they have had to use since the earthquake destroyed the original church building.

The work of Hands of Mary for Haiti has previously re-wired their facilities, as previous wires were bare and open to the elements, such as rain, and provided clothing, books, Rosaries, prayer cards, tools and other material goods to help the community take care of itself. Lastly, we have run medical clinics, which have had an outreach beyond the suburb of Fragneau-ville, providing hundreds of people with much needed medical care and assistance.

Your financial aid and donations to Hands of Mary for Haiti are secure, as we guarantee that all donations received are spent only on bringing our mission to fruition, in other words there is absolutely no overhead. Furthermore, we guarantee that the money used actually gets to the people in Haiti that it is intended for and that it used for the purpose it is given. At this time the primary concern of Fr. Frederic is the building of the new church.

Fr. Frederic has asked me to let you know how beautiful and wonderful his beloved country of Haiti is. Indeed, it is a beautiful country and I can say that I have seen it become so much more well developed in my four years of working there as a missionary. The beaches are beautiful, the mountains are breathtaking and the people are truly wonderful. Consider coming and finding out first hand!

From the depths of my heart, I thank you for considering helping our mission. I would also ask that you keep the people of Haiti in your prayers, most especially, by joining us in a special “Rosary for Haiti” every Tuesday.

You will be remembered in my prayers at the Altar of the Lord.
Yours in Christ,

Rev. Fr. Philip-Michael F. Tangorra, S.T.L.

Fr. Jean-Jacque Frederic and Fr. Philip-Michael standing either side of the original parish sign.

Hands of Mary for Haiti is a non-for-profit Corporation in the State of Pennsylvania. We are also recognized by the IRS as a 501 (c) (3) corporation capable of offering Federal Income Tax deductions as we are exempt from all federal taxes.