Volunteer and Missionary Opportunities



“The Church does not have a Mission.

The Mission has a Church.”

~Msgr. David Bohr



Interests or Skills Needed

  • Health Care
  • Carpentry
  • Education
  • Mission Work
  • Event Planning
  • Construction
  • Engineering
  • Social Services
  • Fundraising
  • Faith Formation

What Does Hands of Mary for Haiti Do on a Mission Trip?

Hands of Mary for Haiti offers the opportunity to people interested in missionary work for the parish of Notre Dame du Perpetuel Secours in Fragneau-ville, Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Our Mission trips include providing a medical clinic in which basic healthcare needs are addressed and pharmaceutical and medical supplies are also brought to the parish in order for the parish to continue providing healthcare aid to the people after we leave. We also bring school supplies (notebooks, folders, pens & pencils, rulers, crayons/markers, books), religious education supplies (Rosaries, prayer cards, saint medals, text books and religious pamphlets) and toys to the children (toys and sports equipment, such as balls). We are always interested in having medical professionals to help with our medical clinic join us as missionaries. We also are interested in people who will work well with the children, giving them the toys and supplies for their education. At times, our mission may include the need for people with construction, electrical or plumbing knowledge in order to help with the re-building effort.

Missionaries experience, first hand, the task of bringing the love and joy of Christ to people who live amidst great adversity. One of the highlights of our trip is a special healing Mass. Each day we begin with the Mass and prayers, but on the last day a healing Mass is offered in which a great multitude of parishioners attend.

The missionary experience with Hands of Mary for Haiti includes seeing the devastation and poverty of the Haitian people by traveling into the downtown district of Port-au-Prince and visiting the tent cities there in order to provide the people a glimmer of hope that they have not been forgotten now that the earthquake is more than two years old and the response has largely diminished. This experience will greatly increase one’s capacity to love in ways that they never knew were possible.

What is the responsibility of a missionary on a Hands of Mary for Haiti Mission Trip?

Hands of Mary for Haiti provides all the cost for room and board at the parish of Notre Dame du Perpetuel Secours during the length of the mission trip. The missionary joining us on our mission trip is responsible for the cost of airfare. Missionaries going to Haiti also need to have a anti-malaria prescription which requires a doctors visit normally about three weeks before the date of the trip. It is also highly encouraged that missionaries have proper health insurance in case they get sick while in Haiti.

What does an average day consist of?

Our missions are about charitable service and spiritual enrichment. Each day begins with Mass. After Mass we have breakfast, which is prepared by Marie-Josie and Valerie, and then it is off to work! After several hours of working at the clinic we will break for lunch and then get back to work. This will continue until mid-afternoon at which time we will be able to return to our residence and enjoy a bit of rest, fraternity, and prayer. Dinner, again prepared by Marie-Josie and Valerie, follows and after dinner we are free again.

On days when we are not running the medical clinic, we serve the poorest of the poor by providing them food and other necessary supplies, such as clothing.

Where do we stay? And, What is it like?

We stay at Fr. Frederic’s family home, which is now used by the parish as a guest house. It has running water, fans and is a safe, solid place to stay. It is here that we will have many of our meals, celebrate Mass in the morning and come back to for moments of rest. The residence is a stone building with garden and is surrounded by a tall wall to keep us safe.